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Our passing department consists of a team of experienced and experienced tailors who work in charge of land shipping and daily shipping. Rich Mark strives to provide excellent services to its customers by planning and evaluating all transactions from A to Z. Our tailors are always looking for the best prices and selection of boats / aircraft. We ensure that all routes are connected seamlessly. A common example would be a combination of sea and air freight, or a train and truck transport. In addition we also take care of traditional and other texts. We can take care of your strikers and background documents, and provide you with appropriate insurance policies.


When you need reliable air freight to achieve your business goals, we can support you with our wide range of services.
Improve your performance with our fully integrated systems and processes, data-driven insights and innovative technological solutions. We’ve designed our services to address the challenges you face and give you an advantage.


Our sea freight shipping solutions

Our global sea freight specialists are ready to find the most efficient shipping connections to meet your unique requirements. No matter how big your business is, we can support your growth and expansion.

Leveraging state of the art technology and our international network we have the right solution and expertise for you to get your products in the right place and on time.

Road Transport

The Rich Mark Ground Logistics Department manages logistics. We use a wide network of different road drivers, ensuring that you get the best prices and travel options.


When you need reliable air freight to achieve your business goals, we can support you with our wide range of services.

Whether you import or export goods, we have a wide range of services that match your supply chain. we have the custom expertise people, licences and permits to clear your shipments on schedule. Regardless of volume, scope or scale, our global network of specialists can meet commitments in any region you do business.



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